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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Some problems with rendering db -> PDF

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I remember having had the same problem. If you have a look into docbook/common/en.xml (and all the other localization files), you will find something similar like

   <l:gentext key="hyphenation-character" text="&#8208;"/><!-- 0x2010 Hyphen -->

I made the observation, that many of the fonts you usually use for PDF output don't have this character available in their character set. So, what I did as a (probably wrong) workaround, I replaced the "hyphenation-dash" w/ a normal "dash/minus sign", thus ovverriding the above template with something like

   <l:gentext key="hyphenation-character" text="&#0045;"/><!-- 0x002D Hyphen-Minus -->

Which should produce nice looking hyphenation dashes for most fonts. This is a pre Stylesheets 1.62.0 solution. I think, with the new font sets, this workaround should be obsolete for a decent choice of fonts in the body.font.set parameter.



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