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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] pdf output


Comments inline:

On Wednesday, Sep 3, 2003, at 00:01 US/Eastern, Jason Lewis wrote:

> Hi John,
> Thanks for your reply.


> Thanks for the tips. I'll give both a go. I was really looking for a 
> more out of the box approach though. Is there somewhere one can find a 
> list of the shortcommings and perhaps workarounds for them?

I don't think there's any single central location for a list of 
shortcomings or workarounds. I depended rather heavily on Bob Stayton's 
Docbook XSL Guide (http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/) and Dave 
Pawson's XSL FAQs at http://www.dpawson.co.uk/xsl/xslfaq.html

I would note that using Docbook does not supply an "out of the box 
approach" - better be ready to do some customization ;)


>  > It should also be noted that it is possible to avoid the use of 
> tables
>> for many cases in FO-generated output, as FO provides several other 
>> formatting options for cases that would require a table in HTML, so 
>> you may want to investigate using FO block-level formatting (of 
>> things such as variablelist for example) to see if that would meet 
>> your needs in this case.
> One of the things I want to do is have a block of text on the left, 
> and an image on the right of the page.
> I tried to do it didn't really work with the PassiveTex PDF output.
> Can acheive the same thing without the use of tables?

Without trying it, I wouldn't know the exact markup I would use to do 
this, but it should also be possible to accomplish this using a simple 
two-column table - do you have source I can look at?

- JohnK

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