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Subject: how about a reorganized param.xsl?

  when i first started learning stylesheet customization , i started
simple and began tweaking the xsl:param's out of the param.xsl file.  it
was convenient that all of those params were in one place so i could
peruse the file, but it wasn't so convenient that the file was in
alphabetical order, rather than having some kind of logical structure.

  this led me to take a few minutes and do some quick cutting and pasting,
moving entries around so they were in some reasonable structure.  so if
i want to know what i can do related to, say, callouts, or fonts, i just
go to that section.

  would it be possible to re-structure the param.xsl file like this?
or is it in alphabetical order because it's automatically generated?
just curious.


p.s.  i realize there's more than one param.xsl file, i'm dealing
just with fo/param.xsl since that's what i'm generating these days.
obviously, this note applies to all such files.

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