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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Presenting«docbook-cutre-indenter » v0.001 beta«la betapeta»

El jue, 04-09-2003 a las 15:37, Jeff Beal escribió:

> > Hum. AFAIK itemizedlist is a blocklevel tag instead an inline one...
> > 
> Yes, but it is valid inside of a <para/>, as are almost all other
> block-level elements.  

That tool is not a validator. It assumes your file is correct. The idea
is you could have some easy way to get an homogenic presentation of the
contents. Since tidy is not as personalize as you can do with the indent
tool for C code you are tied to (in tidy configuration nomenclature)
empty-tags, pre-tags, inline-tags and blocklevel-tags which gives you
more output options that the hardcoded ones.

In other way, the more split the text in lines, the more fine grained
the diff could be.

> You probably shouldn't muck around with whitespace
> inside of a <para/>.

Hum, «muck». Didn't know that word. Good way to be polite. But, what's
the problem with whitespaces outside the pre-tags? BTW, the idea to use
tidy is for reducing most of whitespaces in a homogenic way for diff'ing

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