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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] term in <variablelist> is rendered incorrectlyin PDF

On Fri, 5 Sep 2003, Bob Stayton wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> Actually, this all changed in version 1.62.0 of the
> stylesheets.  I made the maxlength into a new parameter
> 'variablelist.max.termlength'. And I changed the way the
> term character count is converted to a length.  Using em
> was too wide, because a typical character is half an em.
> So I changed the calculation to em * 0.50, but this turns
> out to be just a little too narrow when using a monospace
> font. The em being used is the body font, and it doesn't
> know that the actual term is using an inline monospace font
> property.  So it calculates the width as too small and is
> forced into hyphenating the result.
> So I changed it in CVS to em * 0.60 and now it seems to
> work much better with monospace font inlines.

ok, that clears things up immensely, since it pretty much
matches what i figured was happening in terms of the space
calculated not being *quite* enough.

for now, the easiest fix is just to edit fo/lists.xsl and
make the change there locally.  i notice in that file that
the expression "em * 0.50" is used in two different places
in calculating two values related to the term length.  i'm 
assuming both of these can be changed to "em * 0.60" ?


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