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Subject: Re: Caching the DocBook dtd when using PSGML

>>>>> Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz>:

> Taro Ikai wrote:

>> Does anybody have precompiled DocBook DTD working with Emacs psgml
>> mode?

> Yes. What problem do you have with it?

It doesn't work, when changing parameter entities used in the DTD, in
the internal subset of the DOCTYPE declaration.

I use this to make <xi:include> a legal element in certain contexts. 

Of course what happens (in 1.3.1, ie. the current psgml alpha), is
that it parses the DTD instead, and pops up a warning.  Once the DTD
has been parsed, it seems to work as without the compiled DTD.

And it seriously speeds startup of documents that doesn't use the
internal subset for modifications.

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