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Subject: Re: PassiveTeX: itemizedlist inside a table entry

Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
wrote on 07 Sep 2003 22:31:09 +0100:

>> [Why would anyone want to put itemizedlists into table cells? Well, to
>> put bulleted lists side by side on a slide, for instance... Any better
>> ideas anyone?]
> isn't that multiple columns, not a table?
> Sebastian

Yes, I've thought of that myself. I think we are really hitting the
limits of the concept of separating content from layout. For slides,
the two tend to be intimately related. That said, this concept has so
much value in and of itself that it is extremely valuable for me, even
for slides. It is well worth pushing it as far as it gets.

If I have, say, an image and some annotating text, it is really a case
for two columns (if I used portrait-format pages, the two would be
stacked, not side-by-side). However, if I have two bulleted lists
where there is some degree of correspondence between bulleted items, I
need some more control about vertical alignment. This is rather a case
for a table.

Is it possible to create two-column slides, and mix them with
one-column slides within one document? Even nastier: The columns may
all have different widths, depending on the content.

It would sometimes be nice to be able to put things into boxes, and
these boxes are laid out on the page as they fit, row by row, top to
bottom, much as you can do it with <div>'s in HTML.


Justus H. Piater, Ph.D.         http://www.montefiore.ulg.ac.be/~piater
Institut Montefiore, B28        Phone: +32-4-366-2279
Université de Liège, Belgium    Fax:   +32-4-366-2620

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