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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] anyone have a windows-based publishing infrastructure?


I can recommend using Cygwin for processing Docbook on Windows 
platforms. You get the xml-dtd, the xsl stylesheets, xmllint, xsltproc 
and xmlto as Cygwin packages. If you want pdf processing as well, you 
have to additionally install Passivetex and XmlTex, which works 
smoothly. I've posted a howto some time ago here: 

Alternatively, you can also give Igor Zlatkovic's Windows port of the 
libxml and libxslt packages (xmllint and xsltproc) a try. Additionally 
you need to download the xml-dtd and xsl stylesheets from sourceforge 
and install libiconv, also available from Igor's site 
http://www.zlatkovic.com/projects/index.html. I'm not using them for my 
work, but when I gave them a try, they worked pretty well.


Robert P. J. Day schrieb:

>   while i'm adamantly a linux-based person, a colleague is interested
> in setting up a windows-based publishing infrsstructure, preferably
> with freely-available/open source tools.
>   does anyone on this list have this up and running?  that is, a
> windows setup with all of the prerequisite XML/docbook/XSLT/FO/HTML/PDF
> tools?  if so, drop me a note, i'd like to know more.
> rday

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