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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] anyone have a windows-based publishing infrastructure?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Robert P. J. Day [mailto:rpjday@mindspring.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 12:47 PM
>   while i'm adamantly a linux-based person, a colleague is interested
> in setting up a windows-based publishing infrsstructure, preferably
> with freely-available/open source tools.
>   does anyone on this list have this up and running?  that is, a
> windows setup with all of the prerequisite 
> tools?  if so, drop me a note, i'd like to know more.
I use Linux and Windows in parallel, driven by Ant as build tool. This
approach is described on http://www.diveintopython.org/about.html of Mark
Pilgrim and on http://stefan-rinke.de/articles/publish/ of Stefan Rinke (the
latter unfortunately in German with no English version available). 

For the Windows part, I've put all necessary tools together in one directory
- so one can connect there from several Windows machines and process docbook
sources without installing all things new every time. The required
environment variables are set up by the initial batch file.

Here is a listing of this tools directory (you'll probably not need all of
them) with some explanations (if I know...):

Fop - (Subdir) Apache Fo Processor for PDF output 
Python22 - Python is used for several things in this environment (Python
syntax highlighting, generating Word documents and others)

j2re1.4.1_01 - (Subdir) the JAVA runtime for XSLT processing, Fo-Processing
and so on

cygwin1.dll - one of the EXE files whined for this DLL - w3m.exe, if I
recall correctly
hha.dll - for HTMLHelp
hhc.exe - dito
htmldoc.exe - to produce PDF from HTML (idea of Mark Pilgrim); result good
but not really 

w3m.exe - to produce plain text output (mostly not really useful)
NetComponents.jar - ? don't know exactly
ant.jar - to build the whole thing
charsets.jar - self explaining
crimson.jar - XML processing
jaws.jar - XML processing
jaxp.jar - XML processing
jce.jar - ? don't know exactly
jsse.jar  - ? don't know exactly
optional.jar  - ? don't know exactly
resolver.jar - XML processing
rt.jar- XML processing
saxon.jar - XSLT processor
sunrsasign.jar  - ? don't know exactly
xercesImpl.jar - XML processing
xercesSamples.jar - XML processing (not really necessary, I suppose)
xml-apis.jar  - XML processing
xmlParserAPIs.jar  - XML processing
JimiProClasses.zip - Image processing

Above of this tools directory there are the DocBook XML DTD, the XSL
Stylesheets and the Scripts. 

The scripts of Mark Pilgrim you can get from 


the scripts of Stefan Rinke from


It should not be too much work to make them fit to your needs, though you
have to learn a bit about Jakarta Ant (which I like more and more).

Gisbert Amm

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