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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Some problems with rendering db -> PDF

Hi Bob,

thanks for your suggestions.
I actually found the problem concerning hyphenation.
It was a nested inclusion of docbook stylesheets
mixing 1.62 and an older version.

My problem with greek characters remains. It only occurs
in the titles, in my case it is a book and concerned are
the chapter titles.

The behaviour of different fonts is different, some work,
some show plain nothing, others show an empty box.

Palatino - ok
Helvetica - nothing
BookAntiqua - empty box

Helvetica is an afm font, the others are truetype fonts (eg

Any suggestion how I could work on getting this right ?


>>> Bob Stayton said:
 >> On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 12:06:25AM +0200, Marc Baaden wrote:
 >> We need to sort out if this is an issue with the
 >> DocBook stylesheets, XEP's rendering engine,
 >> or something to do with the language being French.
 >> Can you peak inside your FO output and see if
 >> each <fo:page sequence> includes these attributes:
 >>   hyphenation-character="-"
 >>   hyphenation-push-character-count="2"
 >>   hyphenation-remain-character-count="2"
 >> Do you see any difference when you set your document
 >> lang="en" instead of "fr"?
 >> From where did you get your font files that you are
 >> using in XEP?  The fact that some work and others
 >> don't seems a bit strange.  This may need to go
 >> to the XEP mailing list.
 >> Can you attach an FO file that illustrates the problem in
 >> a mail to me (not the whole list)?

Marc Baaden

 Dr. Marc Baaden  - Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris
 mailto:baaden@smplinux.de      -      http://www.marc-baaden.de
 FAX: +49 697912 39550  -  Tel: +33 15841 5176 ou +33 609 843217

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