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Subject: Re[2]: [docbook-apps] Some problems with rendering db -> PDF

Hello Marc,

You should set line-height-shift-adjustment property to "disregard-shifts".

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov                             mailto:peshkov@renderx.com

MB> Hi,

MB> thanks for the example and comments concerning super/subscript.

MB> My remaining "problem" is that when I do this,
MB> the space between the line containing the
MB> superscript and the one above is extended by
MB> the baseline shift.

MB> Ideally I would like to shift the characters that are super-
MB> scripted, but keep the linespacing constant.

MB> I have played with baseline-shift and padding, but couldn't
MB> achieve this.

MB> Maybe there is an option for the fo-element above (block or so)
MB> to keep it at fixed line-spacing ?

MB> Thanks for any hints,
MB> marc

MB> bobs@sco.com said:
>>> The template for superscript does not reduce the font size.  You will
>>> need to add a customized template that could respond to a role
>>> attribute on some superscripts (or change all superscripts if that is
>>> safe for your documents).  Something like this:

>>> <xsl:template match="superscript[@role='sci']">
>>>   <fo:inline baseline-shift="super" font-size="75%">
>>>     <xsl:apply-templates/>
>>>   </fo:inline> </xsl:template> 

MB>   Marc Baaden

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