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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Including external XSL-FO in docbook document ?

Hi Jeff,

sorry to be a bit slow, but I still haven't grasped everything.
I tried what you suggested, and in principle it seems to work.
I tried both ways:

a) modifying/customizing pagesetup.xsl by adding my 
   <fo:simple-page-master master-name="resume-page"
   for the resume

b) using an existing simple-page-master like eg body.

In addition to that I included the XSL transformation for the
resume that look like

  <xsl:template match="resume-page">
      <fo:page-sequence master-reference="resume-page">
[..]                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^
                            Here either resume-page or eg body, ..

I think my problem lies in the first template-match above.
Initially I had "/" which leads to
!file:/home/marc/cvs/XML/bug/hyphen.fo: line 1: [error] Incorrect top element - should be 'root'}

Then I tried to match resume-page instead as defined above in the
master-reference, which yields
Making portrait pages on A4 paper (210mmx297mm)
resume encountered in book, but no template matches.
degrees encountered in academics, but no template matches.

So I assumed I need to match against resume, which indeed produces
no error - fine - but no output as well.

Any idea where I go wrong ?


>>> Jeff Beal said:
 >> Your basic FO document looks something like this:
 >> <fo:root>
 >>  <fo:layout-master-set/>
 >>  <fo:page-sequence/>
 >>  <fo:page-sequence/>
 >>  <fo:page-sequence/>
 >>  ...
 >> </fo:root>
 >> Each <fo:page-sequence/> refers (using the master-name property) to a
 >> page-sequence-master that was declared in the <fo:layout-master-set/>.  In
 >> your case, the DocBook stylesheets are generating the layout-master-set, bu
 >> the ResumeXML stylesheets are generating the <fo:page-sequence/> expecting
 >> to use the layout-master-set defined by those stylesheets.  You have
 >> basically two options: find the template in resumexml that generates the
 >> layout-master-set and write a customization to insert that in the
 >> layout-master-set or find the template in resumexml that creates the
 >> page-sequence and modify it to use one of the page-sequence-masters defined
 >> in DocBook.  I would recommend the latter approach to be sure that all of
 >> your pages and margins are consistent throughout your document.  Probably
 >> the best way to do this would be to look at the template matching "chapter"
 >> in docbook/fo/component.xsl and the template matching "resume" in resumexml
 >> and see where they're different.

 Dr. Marc Baaden  - Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris
 mailto:baaden@smplinux.de      -      http://www.marc-baaden.de
 FAX: +49 697912 39550  -  Tel: +33 15841 5176 ou +33 609 843217

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