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Subject: how to add empty pages at the end of the PDF?


I'm using the docbook.sf.net XSLTs 1.62.0 to get FO from DBX (then I use 
FOP to get PDF).

I'd like to add three empty pages at the end.

There are various hacks possible:
Just to try it out I inserted
   <fo:block break-after="page"/>
at the end of the template that matches the appendix (the last component 
of my book): I get one empty page at the end of the PDF, but it is 
numbered. Instead I need completely empty pages; they should be there 
for notes etc. I don't want to change the page count of the book (the 
page count of the PDF would obviously increase which is no problem).

A better solution would be appreciated. The pages should be empty 
(should not be numbered), and it would be great if I wouldn't have to 
copy a large template into my driver just to change one detail.



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