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Subject: indent doesn't seem to recognize the <ol> environment

  in order to aesthetically set off my monospace verbatim environments,
i use the stylesheet fragment:

<xsl:attribute-set name="monospace.verbatim.properties">
 <xsl:attribute name="start-indent">0.25in</xsl:attribute>

for indentation.

  this works fine if my <screen> or <programlisting> is in, say,
a regular paragraph.  but if i insert a screen in an <orderedlist>,
i get

1.    blah blah blah ...
      more blah

   screen stuff

as in, the <screen> content is indented .25in from the very left, 
rather than relative to the already-indented content of the <listitem>
in the ordered list, which is what i'd prefer.

  is this what i should have expected?  is there a way around this?


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