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Subject: Linux Weekly News: A quick look at Conglomerate 0.70

The Achilles heel of DocBook when "selling" it as a MSWord
replacement, has been the lack of an acceptable editor.  I myself use
Emacs+PSGML, and am happy with that.  But I have no problem seeing
that it's not for everyone.

Linux Weekly News, has an article called "A quick look at Conglomerate
0.70".  What they've done is to download the tarball for the 0.7.0
release of a free software document oriented XML Editor called
Conglomerate, and tried it out.

The article can be read here: http://lwn.net/Articles/47295/

The conclusion is that it isn't ready for production use, but shows
some serious promise.

The home page for conglomerate, is

Some screenshots can be found here:

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