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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] indent doesn't seem to recognize the <ol> environment

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, Jeff Beal wrote:

> > as in, the <screen> content is indented .25in from the very left, 
> > rather than relative to the already-indented content of the <listitem>
> > in the ordered list, which is what i'd prefer.
> > 
> >   is this what i should have expected?  is there a way around this?
> > 
> > rday
> > 
> According to the spec, the "best" way to do this would be
> start-indent="body-start-indent() + 0.25in", but I'm not sure if FOP
> supports this, and I know XEP does not.  margin-left="0.25in" has the right
> effect, though.

i just tried the body-start-indent thing, and was told by FOP that there
is no such function.  bummer.  it's odd because this seems like such a 
basic feature.  it's not like i'm asking for some obscure, advanced


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