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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Linux Weekly News: A quick look at Conglomerate0.70

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
 > using an XML-aware editor can speed things up, but again, you
 > couldn't get away from the long element names.  using the
 > abbreviations makes it easier to eyeball a file

If your system improves stuff for you then that's great, you should use 
what works best for you. But I neither have any problems "eyeballing" 
DocBook documents [1] ...

 > and make changes with something as
 > simple as vi, which is what i use at the moment.

... nor do I have problems editing them.

BTW, especially if you use Vim (not plain vi) you might want to check 
out some of it's features which might represent interesting alternative 
solutions while not requiring an additional transformation step. You can 
map short commands to long markup constructs which you use often, then 
there are abbreviations, ctrl-x ctrl-p, etc etc. And you also can turn 
Vim into a useful XML editor, see


[1] Instead I'd have problems with interpreting cryptic non-standardized 
abbreviations, so I prefer elements names which are close to human 
language words.


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