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Subject: HTMLHelp - correct creation of alias.h


Using the <?dbhh topicname="" topicid=""> PIs, my
stylesheets are producing a nice set of HTMLHelp files
ready compilation using hhc.exe

Unfortunately, the "alias.h" that gets created is of
the form:


Where <filepath> is the full path where the files are
created. Am I right in thinking <filepath> is
populated from the base.dir parameter? (I am using
such a parameter).

The reason this seems to be a problem is that when one
calls the context sensitive help for MyContents,
Windows Help can't find the page as it's url seems to
include <filepath>. Manually removing <filepath> in
alias.h and rerunning hhc.exe fixes everything.

Am I overlooking something?
Is there a parameter (like base.dir) that relates to
Are there others how use base.dir and <?dbhh...
without a problem?



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