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Subject: Handling documents with Namespaces


I have defined an extension to docbook representing a special purpose 
database, which I merge with a normal docbook document. As long as my 
element was different from the DocBook elements, I had no problems, but 
with the upcoming DTD v. 4.3, I have identifed elements introduced in 4.3, 
so now I am considering using namespace, but how,

AI have experimented quite a bit, but havn't yet figured out so here is a 
simple example. in the form of a XHTML document and and XST stylesheet.

The result is an exact copy of the input document? 

Apparently the template for P is considered belonging to a different 
namespace than all the elements in the document.

It will work if I e.g. define a prefix for the xhtml namespace, and add 
this prefix on each template

   <xsl:template match="xhtml:p">

There got to be a better way ?



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