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Subject: [SOLVED] Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Hebrew Characters in PDFs

On Saturday 27 September 2003 22:50, Norman Walsh wrote:
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> / Shlomi Fish <shlomif@012.net.il> was heard to say:
> | Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
> You need to get a font that contains the Unicode characters and configure
> your print tool to use that font. I don't recall what support FOP has for
> selecting fonts, but I presume it has some. Likewise, TeX has some, but
> I'm not sure how to get JadeTeX or PassiveTeX to use it.

Thanks, you are right, of course.

What I did was create a font metric for a Hebrew font (MS Tahoma), and then
add it to the userconfig.xml of fop. Afterwards I added the options:

--stringparam body.font.family tahoma

to the xsltproc command line, and that made it able to display the Hebrew 
characters. However, they are reversed. (Hebrew is written from right to left 
and they are left to right). I assume it is a FOP problem as there isn't yet 
support for RTL in FOP.


	Shlomi Fish

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I don't believe in fairies. Oops! A fairy died.
I don't believe in fairies. Oops! Another fairy died.

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