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Subject: Re: Questions about Refentries in an Appendix ...

Bob Stayton <bobs@sco.com>  wrote:

> > - the title of the appendix isn't at the top of a page (no page break) as
> >   the docbook documentation suggest it should
>  Is this appendix in an article or book?  If it is in a book,
>  you should get a new page sequence for each appendix.
>  If it is in an article, then the stylesheets don't start
>  a new page sequence for an appendix.

Yes, it's in an article.

>  There is a separate template with match="article/appendix"
>  in fo/component.xsl to handle an appendix in a article.
>  You could customize that to add a break-before="always"
>  to its fo:block.
Ok, thanks !

>  > - I would like to have Refentries' titles in the toc :
>  > how this could be done ?
>  Refentries should already have entries in the TOC,
>  using the refname element as the TOC text.

I don't have it : only the appendix title, no refentries' titles inside...
perhaps also because it's an article and not a book ? 

>  > - I've tried to tell to put a page break before
>  > each level1 section with a fo stylesheet containing :
>  > ...
>  This method for inducing page breaks is
>  from the First Edition of my book, and it turns out to be
>  not very good for two reasons.  First, the section.heading
>  template that uses this property set is also used for other
>  elements, so you get the side effects you experienced.
>  Second, the page break occurs *after* the fo:block containing
>  the section ID, so the PDF bookmarks land you on the page
>  *before* the section.
>  I saw no easy way to get proper section page breaks, so
>  I modified the stylesheets to add new property sets just
>  for sections.  In the next release, you will be able to
>  do this:
>  <xsl:attribute-set name="section.level1.properties">
>    <xsl:attribute name="break-before">page</xsl:attribute>
>  </xsl:attribute-set>
>  and you will not have the side effects of the previous method.
I will wait the next release, thanks for all your suggestions !


Frédéric Boiteux  -  Calistel

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