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Subject: Your current docbook environment setup


I need your advice. In late 2000 I organized a successful docbook based
documentation effort for JBoss J2EE server. Since then the project has moved
to a pay documentation, the old documentation is still available at:


The setup included docbook articles kept in cvs repository and java tools
were used to build online and distribution documentation. We used plain
text editors to write docbook articles. More then 30 developers commited
and maintained articles and everything worked smoothly. It was an excellent
experience overall.

Today, three years later I want to organize a similar effort on the
project I am currently working on. I've reviewed the authoring tools at:
and found XMLMind to be far ahead of the rest of the pack and suitable for
a regular users. Amazing progress on the authoring tools field.

However, how much have things changed in organizing the repository and the
tools to build the documentation? I would be very comfortable in using the
same cvs+java tools approach to build documentation. Are you using some
simpler approach?

Thanks for your feedback.


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