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Subject: Table problems with FO and Saxon.


I'm using Saxon and Apache FOP (latest stable versions of both) with the
XSL stylesheets from the standard RedHat 9.0 RPM, and using this command
(after I setup CLASSPATH, etc.):

java  org.apache.fop.apps.Fop  \
    -xml manual.xml \
    -xsl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets/fo/docbook.xsl \
    -pdf manual.pdf

After tons of errors (which seem to be normal using Apache FOP, as far as
I read) I finally get these 3 lines:

[WARNING] table-layout=auto is not supported, using fixed!
[WARNING] Sum of fixed column widths 100000 greater than maximum specified IPD 0
[ERROR] -2

and no PDF is generated. In your experience, could this be a fault in my
XML file?, a bad toolchain use?, some wrong param in the XSL? or maybe
just a bug in the FOP?.

Any help or suggestion is appreciated.


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