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Subject: section customization

I'm trying to add a tag, and I want it to behave the same wat section tag
does. I made this

<!ENTITY % local.section.class "|mysectiontag">

<!ELEMENT AMLClass (mytag1, mytag2)>
where mytag1 and mytag2 are paragraphs

then in db31.dsl file I added this

(element mysectiontag ($section$))

I tested this and it seemed to work ok, but then when I tried to make a book
my mysectiontag were not added to book index

what else I need to modify to make mysectiontag to work the same way section
tag and see a link to each mysectiontag in book index?

thanks for your help

Juan Raúl Martínez Gutiérrez
TechnoSoft de México
Tel: +52 (81) 83-17-40-71 ext 110

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