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Subject: using absolute hrefs with "xi:include"

  at the moment, i'm in the midst of writing a number of linux-related
manuals with docbook, and i'm using xi:include extensively to create 
modular docbook files so that i can cut and paste sections/modules
as i see fit.  the "top-level" manual files (the books) all live in
same directory, inside of which there is also a modules/ directory with
more files and subdirectories so that, in each main manual file, there's
pretty much nothing but a bunch of xi:include's to pull in the appropriate
chapters and sections from those subdirectories.B

  the problem is that the xi:include href's are relative to the including
docbook file which, most of the time, would be really convenient.  but it
might be that, as i'm constructing one manual and i've xi:include'd down
to a directory, i'd like to "back up" as it were, to a higher directory
level and grab something from a different subdirectory.

  perhaps i'm missing something that would solve my problem, but it seems
that it's easy to keep xi:include'ing as long as i'm moving further and
further into subdirectories, but it's much harder to refer back up the
directory structure.

  i do notice that i can combine xinclude's and XML catalogs, and i 
suspect that might be the obvious solution, yes?  unless someone has
other ideas.


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