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Subject: RE: RE: [docbook-apps] Which Windows versions support HTML help?

Kenneth Johansson wrote:
> I tested running a chm-file on one of our NT-systems with Service Pack 6
> with some programs installed, e.g. IE 5.5, Outlook Express 5.5. However, 
> need to test this on a fresh NT installation. Does anyone know which/if 
> SP adds support for HTMLhelp? 
> Thanks again,
Hi Kenneth,

this comes straight from the version 6 users guide of an old ROBOHelp HTML 
Edition (version 6 or the like):

System requirements
 - 486 processor or faster
 - 16 MB RAM or more
 - 32-bit operating system such as Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT
   4.0 or later
 - 20 MB free disk space
 - Internet Explorer 3.02 or later ( 4.0 or later is recommended for
   full HTML functionality an for WebHelp support)
 - Microsoft HTML Help 

as far as I remember the availability of HTML Help on a Windows NT machine 
only depends on the installed 
version of Internet Explorer (which must be version 4 or higher) and the 
installation of Microsoft HTML Help [1].

A Windows NT installation with at least ServPack 3 and Internet Explorer 
4.0 (or higher) and 
Microsoft HTML Help installed should work.

Thomas Gier
Technical Writer

[1] have a look at this:

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