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Subject: emacs and docbook-xsl

Hi all,

I notice that every time I'm customizing docbook-xsl stylesheets, my
indent differs from the indent in the original docbookx-xsl stylesheets.
I'm using xsl-mode, but for example my attributes do not align with the
first attribute within the element. 

So I get this:

<fo:block margin-left="2px"

Instead of this:

<fo:block margin-left="2px"

There's probably a nice way to achieve this, but I haven't found it yet.
Any suggestions? Maybe even a .emacs snippet?


Wilfred Springer                Phone  : +31 (0)3 3451 5736
Java Architect                  Mobile : +31 (0)6 2295 7321
Sun Java Center                 Fax    : +31 (0)3 3451 5734
Sun Microsystems Netherlands    Mail   : wilfred.springer@sun.com

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