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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] add 'id' afterwards automatically

> David Tolpin wrote:
> > Here is one that will.
> One remaining problem:
> The DOCTPE declaration of the original soruce file does not get copied to 
> resulting output file.
> Any hints?

:-) I would do it in Perl. I would first copy DOCTYPE declaration from the source
to the target, then use the stylesheet as long as you are happy with it to append
the results sans the first line (xml declaration) to the target file.

I would stop inserting DOCTYPE declaration on the first xml element.

  perl -e 'while(<STDIN>) {/^\s*\<\w/ and last; print;}' < source.xml > target.xml

will get the xml declaration and the DTD.

  xslt source.xml addid.xsl | tail +1 >> target.xml

will add the data.

David Tolpin

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