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Subject: xhtml output


I am converting DocBook documents to XHTML using the
xhtml stylesheets from the XSL package version 1.62.0
and 1.62.4.

In both cases the generated XHTML is invalid. 

The major problem is the generation of empty 'xmlns' 
attributes on many of the output tags (meta, div and p).

Is there a way to prevent this and generate valid XHTML?

Are the XHTML stylesheets considered stable or just
work in progress?

Another issue with the XHTML stylesheet is the conversion
of the ulink DocBook tag. It gets converted into a broken
a tag like: <a ="" target="_top">...</a>

Any feedback on this issue is more than appreciated.


Marius Scurtescu
Tel: 604-222-3900x937
Fax: 604-222-3901

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