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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Labelling

At 12:51 17/10/2003 -0700, Bob Stayton wrote:

>Would you believe there is a parameter for this purpose?
>Set the appendix.autolabel parameter to zero.

1. I'm out of date Bob 1.60.1 , so this may not apply.
2. I set that (seeing the template which tested it)
3. I set 'label="   "' on <appendix>

It still came out. Might be a bug.

I've resolved it by changing appendix to chapter,
and using my prior 'kludges' it's now clear
(the content identifies the sectioning/structure).

Real nice pamphlet though

Sort of chapterish level
part 1
part 2
   chapter'ish (but 'clauses' run through part 2 and 3
part 3
part 4 (appendices)
  list of titles, each with an appendix number
part 5
  decisions's, numbered 1 - 20

A real nice .. mess :-)

But docbook did it,
faithfully reproduced all the numbering (except sub clauses)
across boundaries,
the restart in part 5 etc.

Quite a challenge, and I expect negative feedback because I can't
kludge the toc, but that's life.

Thanks Bob, let me know how it turns out please.

regards DaveP

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