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Subject: xalan and ulink


I brought this issue up the other week and I am
mentioning it again just for the record.

Using Xalan 2.5.1 under Win2K and the 1.62.4 
XHTML stylesheets will generate broken <a>
tags. The HTML stylesheets do not have this
problem, quite strange since the template converting
the ulink to an <a> tag is almost the same.

The problem seems to be with the generation of the
<a> tag into a temporary variable, it is at this
stage that it gets broken. The ulink template is
in the xref.xsl file.

I tried all kind of permutations and changes to
the template without success. It looks like the
first attribute of the <a> tag will always have
both the name and value missing ( ="").

This is a known bug of Xalan, here is the report:

I will let you know if a future version fixes this.


Marius Scurtescu
Tel: 604-222-3900x937
Fax: 604-222-3901

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