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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] [OT] editing chunked xml files with XEmacs in psgml mode

Jens Skripczynski wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a small problem telling xemacs how to handle chunks of my xml
> docbook document.
> I have split it into 4 different file and used 
> <!ENTITY file     SYSTEM "chapters/file.xml" > to include them into
> the main document.
> XEmacs does very well display the main document, but it refues to color 
> other documents. Can I give it some hint about those files ?
> I tried to give them a separate DOCTYPE declaration, but xmllint said,
> it is illegal.
> Does somebody use chunked xml files and has syntax highlighting ?
> Ciao
> Jens Skripczynski


use font-lock-mode or lazy-lock-mode - both are so called minor modes. You 
can activate several minor modes by right-clicking the name of the current 
mode in the mode line (see xemacs online manual for mode line). Btw: you 
switched on syntax highlighting for the buffer via the menu 
(Options->Syntax highlighting->In this buffer), did you? 

While we're at it: 
There's this cute psgml-mode feature to insert nested tags at once. You 
press C-c e, enter the tags name (e.g. sect1) into the mini buffer hit 
enter and - woups - a complete sect1 tags along with title and para tag is 
inserted. BUT: only if there's a DOCTYPE definition in the document which 
chunked xml documents are not supposed to have. If there's no DOCTYPE 
definition only the opening and closing tags are inserted. So, to use this 
neat little feature I now insert a DOCTYPE definition every time I edit a 
document and delete this DOCTYPE def when I want to make PDFs. Very 
annoying. Does any of you out there have an idea / hint? 

Thanks for reading ...

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