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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XInclude, chapter headers & changing font sizein <appendix>

>>>>> "-" == Bob Stayton  writes:


>> Otherwise, is there any plan for developing a parallel
>> customization framework (similar to user.pagemasters, but perhaps
>> using xsl:attribute-sets). that could be used to customize the
>> different component level items without having to fiddle with the
>> element templates directly just like with verbatim.properties?
>> i.e. set appendix.properties, which gets passed into the <appendix>
>> template in fo/component.xsl something like so:
>> <fo:page-sequence hyphenate="{$hyphenate}"
>> master-reference="{$master-reference}"
>> xsl:use-attribute-sets="appendix.properties">
>> Should I file an RFE at SourceForge for this?

-> Yes, that would be a good feature.

Done, RFE #830073:

>> (PS. Does anybody know how to "disable" mail delivery while
>> remaining subscribed for posting-approval purpose as you can do
>> with Mailman?  I use GMANE to read the list to save space in my
>> e-mail archives.  It used to be setup this way, and then all of a
>> sudden it stopped working and I started getting all the mail again,
>> and I had to unsubscribe.)

-> Can your mail client redirect mail from a given sender to
-> /dev/null?

Yes it can, but I'm trying to avoid getting it in the first place. ;-)
I'm trying to contact the mailing list admin at OASIS, but no luck
raising them via docbook-apps-owner so far...

Cheers, Alex

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