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Subject: ANN: PreTI, an authoring tool for structured documents


I would like to share my work on PreTI, a project aiming at development of authoring
tools oriented towards input of documents marked up in XML grammars, such as DITA,
DocBook, XHTML and others. 

The design is based on assumtions that:
 - a written document conveys information about its structure by
   means of the human language;
 - the role of markup is to follow the document's structure, not to
   define it;
 - the tags are for computers; no one would read a text marked in
   DocBook, instead of a plain flow of words, sentences, and
   paragraphs, just to understand it.

The project is a work in progress; but the current results seems interesting
and encouraging. PreTI plug-in for jEdit is currently available, download it
at http://davidashen.net/preti.html . Try it, and let me know your impressions
and opinions.

David Tolpin

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