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Subject: [Website] Refining some style issues (CSS ?)


I am currently trying to achieve the following with website:
Have the whole left side of the page (navigation toc + part below)
in a different color (black in my case) than the body text.
My current "achievements" can be seen at eg


Several points remain that I don't quite understand / cannot

- why do both pages (cv.html and links.html) differ in width ?
  cv.html is larger than links.html .. and ideally how to fix
  this ? From the xml source the difference is not apparent.

- how can the black background of the toc be continued below,
  eg where the date field is (I have already tried a customization
  of the footer, but the problem is that it is never the same
  width as above, and furthermore trying different browsers -
  safari, IE, opera, mozilla - yields different results :((

- what about the very slim but visible (and on some pages larger)
  white line just above the banner. Any chance to get the completely
  black ?

The sources can be found at the same site as

Thanks in advance for any hints on how to fine-tune the appearance
of the site, probably either with xsl customization or css tweaking,

  Marc Baaden

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