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Subject: Large FOP Fails

When transforming large XML files, FOP creates a
corrupt PDF.

I am using Oxygen which allows me to set the amount of
internal memory for FOP. Even when I set this to 400MB
FOP terminates, after a long period, with java out of
memory error.

I cannot increase the spec of my machine. At least not
immediately. So is there a way of managing
transformation on large XML files? I've been told that
breaking the file into smaller parts (modular docbook)
have no effect on memory usage.

Has anyone encountered this problem? If so how did you
solve it?

Any solutions welcome. Also any ideas on what 
thresholds are acceptable before transformation with
FOP fails. My document is in excess of 1000 pages. I
receive out of memory errors around page 1087 [INFO]

Platform SuSE 8.2, JRE,SE 1.4.2, Saxon 6.5.3, Apache
FOP 0.20.4 Machine RAM 256MB


Sean Wheller

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