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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] OpenOffice XML Filters and DocBook

On Thursday 30 October 2003 18:06, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> GARY Hoffman wrote:
> > OpenOffice 1.1 has a feature referred to as xml filters.  Using this
> > feature, Sebastian Rahtz has developed a set of files that permits
> > OpenOffice to import or export TEI documents
> > (http://www.tei-c.org/Software/teioo/).  [NB: For those of you not
> > familiar with TEI and its relationship with DocBook, check out Norm
> > Walsh's article at http://norman.walsh.name/2003/10/09/dei.] Is anyone
> > aware of any similar enterprise that would allow the import or export of
> > DocBook documents using this feature? I am aware of Eric Bellot's project
> > ( http://www.chez.com/ebellot/ooo2sdbk/#id2794590), but it is not quite
> > the same.
> My OO 1.1 has Simplified DocBook between supported file types. However
> I'm quite dissapointed by this feature. It can't generate much
> structured DocBook content as there is now way how to capture it in OO.
> Sometimes I even get DocBook which wasn't valid. But this feature is
> still usefull, you can open Word file and save it as raw DocBook.

Hi Jirka,
	For any problems you find please enter bug reports ( add attach your 
problem docs if possible ). 
It is possible to define your own styles and have your docbook XSLT to 
transform these to docbook. If you'd like to discuss this some more 
dev@xml.openoffice.org would be a good place.


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