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Subject: XML profiling problem

Hi All, 

I am currently working on a set of modular manuals where I sometimes need to include different text for some of the manuals. I would like to use profiling for this but I do not want to name a profile for each device. E.g. 

<para thingie="withredbutton">Push the red button to operate the device.</para> 
<para>Push the blue button and shake well to operate the device.</para> 

Where I want to include the first para for the device with the red button and the second para for the numerous (and rapidly growing range) of other models of thingie. 

Obviously the next chapter holds a para for only the thingie "withyellowdot" and a para that is to be used in all other cases. 

Is there a way to do so without having to update this part of the manual for every new thingie our engineers come forward with? 

Kind regards, 
Maarten Sandes 


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