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Subject: Profiling, in speciial case one part in all other cases other part

Hi All, 

I am currently working on a set of modular manuals where I sometimes need to 
include different text for some of the manuals. I would like to use 
profiling for this but I do not want to name a profile for each device. E.g. 

<para thingie="withredbutton">Push the red button to operate the 
<para>Push the blue button and shake well to operate the device.<para> 

Where I want to include the firts para for the device with the red button 
but the second para for the thousand an rapidly growing other models of 

Is there a way to do so without having to update this part of the manaul for 
every new thingie we make? 

Kind regards,
Maarten Sandes 

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