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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook and Apache Forrest

On Thursday 06 Nov 2003 6:25 am, GARY Hoffman wrote:
> I am looking at the Apache Forrest project, which, according to its
> website, "is an XML standards-oriented project documentation framework
> based on Apache Cocoon, providing XSLT stylesheets and schemas, images and
> other resources." The website goes on to state, "Forrest generates sites
> that can run both interactively as a dynamic web application, or as
> statically rendered pages."  This all sounds very intriguing. Has anyone
> had any experience in using DocBook content in conjunction with Forrest? 
> Is that even possible?

Sounds like the forrest guys have already throught about it.

Cameron Shorter              http://cameron.shorter.net
Open Source Developer        http://generguide.sourceforge.net
Senior Software Engineer     http://www.adi-limited.com

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