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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to indicate code snippets in Docbook?

--- Bob Foster <bob@objfac.com> wrote:
> Sorry for this newbie question. I'm trying to learn
> this stuff as I 
> write. I'm a bit stumped on how to specify inline
> code snippets and 
> set-apart (separate "paragraph") code examples.
> In HTML, I would use <code>a[i]</code> and
> <pre>
>    public void foo() {
>    }
> </pre>
> for these roles. What's the nearest Docbook
> equivalent?

For inline, as with your first example, you may use:
 ... <parameter class="function">a</parameter><option
class="option">[i]</option> ...

To set-apart code use programlisting

 public void foo() {

You may also wrap the code snippet in CDATA within the

Sean Wheller

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