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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] beginpage (was: FO pagebreak)

>How about the beginpage tag?

Nope.  The page break Danny was looking for was formatting information,
not content.  <beginpage> is content _about_ (legacy) formatting information.

>Isn't it supposed to do the same thing as the processing
>instruction defined below (custom-pagebreak)?
>I tried using beginpage and it did not work. So it
>is either not implemented or it is not supposed to
>insert a page break. Any clues?

Actually it probably did work--just not the way you expected.
As it says in Docbook:The Definitive Guide:

> Description
> The BeginPage element marks the location of an actual page break in a
> print version of the document, as opposed to where a page break might
> appear in a further rendition of the document. This information may be
> used, for example, to allow support staff using an online system to
> coordinate with a user referring to a page number in a printed manual.
> Processing expectations
> The break identified by BeginPage may be displayed in an online
> version of the document or used for legacy purposes, but it is not
> expected to cause a page break when the document is processed by an
> SGML system.


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