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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] page number prefix

Bob Stayton wrote:
> The prefix customization copied the chapter template from
> the 1.60 stylesheets.  That template put the chapter
> id on the fo:page-sequence element, which FOP did not
> understand, so it could not find that id to assign a
> page number in the TOC.  Version 1.61 of the stylesheets
> moved the chapter id to the first fo:block in the chapter,
> fixing the missing page number in the TOC.
> See the match="chapter" template in fo/component.xsl
> in the 1.62.4 stylesheets to see how the id location
> was changed.  So the customization file needs to
> be updated.


since I switched to XEP everything concerning page numbering works fine 
(I really managed to convince the styleshhets to put page number 
prefixes in xrefs throughout my documents, which really means progress 
for me :-) ...) but I'm stuck with index entries.

As far as I understand Jeff Beal customization for page number prefixes 
he already puts page number prefixes to index entries. But it doesn't work.

Having in mind what Bob wrote above about fo/component.xsl I thought 
maybe the related templates for index entries might also be modified, so 
I replaced all the index-related parts in Jeff's customization with the 
parts from the 1.64.2 stylesheets and added

  <xsl:apply-templates mode="page-number-prefix" select="."/>

at the same positions as he did. I admit this is a rather simple-hearted 
approach but, hey, it could've worked - well, actually it didn't ... 
would've been too good ..

Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks in advance

Thomas Gier
Technical Writer

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