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Subject: Providing an XSL localisation for a language still unsupported

I am working on a DocBook document in Esperanto, and notice that there is not 
yet a localisation for lang="eo" within the XSL stylesheets. How may I create 
a translation? The common/*.xml files advise against direct editing, so I 
assume that I cannot simply copy one of them, change the translations to E-o, 
and then send the finished product to the maintainers.

Christopher Culver

Christopher Culver - crculver@users.sourceforge.net
PGP key ID: ECA6CDA8 (sign only)
Fingerprint: C162 22C6 DB7E D59D 0CEE 71D5 4E29 DE72 ECA6 CDA8
PGP key ID: 8C444E97 (sign/encrypt)
Fingerprint: E7BA D851 9714 8D97 C4F9 1777 8168 6913 8C44 4E97

Developer of Charmap: http://www.nongnu.org/charmap/
	 and im-classicalgreek: http://im-classgreek.sourceforge.net/

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