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Subject: embeding text fragments


we all still remember the workaround with the imagedata element, fileref 
and format="linespecific" to include text into the document. This still 
works with saxon, but never did with xsltproc.

Now we have textdata, but this doesn't work either with xsltproc. I'm 
just wondering; xsltproc is full of extensions, but this construct is 
not working. Have I to switch to XInclude? What about saxon and XInclude 
(I need saxon too, because of column adjustments and callouts)? And 
than, DSSSL will not work anymore...

To formulate it in one sentence: is there a way to include external 
text, that is working with saxon, xsltproc and DSSSL at the same time? 
What is the right way to go in future?


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