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Subject: word 2003.... and docbook

Bob Du Charme wrote, on xml-dev

The Danish Government has made the "WordprocessingML" schemas for Word
2003's native XML format available to the public at
http://isb.oio.dk/info/news/wordml+published.htm. Clicking a link like
"Office.xsd" at the bottom of this page won't bring you directly to the
schema, but instead to a page of information about it. On that page, click
the name of the file next to "Filename" near the top to get to the schema

See also the SlashDot article at


I just started a word to docbook stylesheet, working in the dark, today.

I've asked on xml-dev, but if anyone else would like to share the burden,
add their experience, I'll post it somewhere open.
   Specific usecases (lists, tables, images etc)
   Suggestions for a target.
     I've taken (no further ideas) article, with nested sections
     as a target.

regards DaveP.

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