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Subject: xep.extensions prevent page number prefixes in index entries

Hi all,

I'm using Jeff Beal's customization for page numbers which adds page 
number prefixes to index entries. But with my current customization layer 
this doesn't work. I switched off my customization layer and imported only 
Jeff's customization. There they were, my page number prefixes in the 
index. I started re-writing my customization layer piece by piece. At the 
point where I switched on xep.extensions the page number prefixes in index 
entries disappeared. Now I have two choices since I'm not able to 
undoubtedly find what to fix and where:

1. no bookmarks (switched off xep.extensions = no bookmarks) which is not 
really an option for online pdfs
2. no page number prefixes at all which will upset our CI police (they 
might cancel my access to the coffee machine - horrible vision! ... I can 
hear them marching up and down the corridor ... oh god, they caught Peter 
... I told him not to use Verdana  ... )

I checked fo/xep.xsl for any suspicious template calls but couldn't find 
any. Googling around came up with the CVS log for fo/index.xsl where the 
following is said:

<cite> If you set xep.extensions to 1 duplicate page numbers in index will 
be merged using XEP extension to XSL-FO</cite>

Could it be possible that mergeing duplicate page numbers removes the page 
number prefixes? If so, how could this be fixed? 
Tool chain:
Saxon 6.5.2
XEP 3.6.3

Thomas Gier
Technical Writer

Cologne / Germany

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