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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] refentry section headings

Hi Bob,

>The refentry "Name" heading is not handled by the section.level
>template in the stock stylesheets. It uses its own refentry.title.properties
>attribute set, which produces a fixed size of 18pt in FO output.
>I'll look at changing the refnamediv template to use the new
>section.level computation.

I forgot about that; I've overridden the refnamediv with an empty
template in my customisation layer since my document provides the
function name in the containing section.

>Also, the returned level seems to be off by one, I think because
>of the above problem. Your refentry.section.level template
>returns the sum of two computed variables:
>  $levelinRE  which is 1 for a refsect1, 2 for refsect2, etc.
>  $RElevel which the level of the section containing the refentry.
>So if the section containing a refentry is a sect1, then a refsect1
>inside the refentry  would be given a level of 1 + 1 = 2.
>But the refentry itself should be a level 2 since it is contained in
>a level1 sect1, so the refsect1 should have a level of 3.  Does
>this sound right?

Since refentry doesn't have a title, I would want the refsect1 in your
example to be given a level of 2 (i.e. I wanted the top-level sections
in the refentry to have the same title style as a section occuring at
the same level as the refentry). Possibly that's not to everyone's
taste though? Maybe a parameter?


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