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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Internationalized index in XSL

* Dave Pawson; <dpawson@nildram.co.uk> on 27 Nov, 2003 wrote:
>An option,
>(Look down after the discussion of terms :-) there is some code
>using a collator in java.
>   I managed to  sort an English sequence 'wrongly',
>   so it will manage any sort ordering.
>Shows how to use an external collator which addresses the same problem.
>Unsure if anyone other than Saxon implements it though.

Well with the help of David Cramer and Jirka I was able to do the
sorting in Turkish yet everytime the stylesheets were updated I had to
update my code as well. If Jirks's new method will make my life easier
I'll go the second way :-)


Togan Muftuoglu

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