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Subject: Page Number Appearance


Have been hunting through Google, the XSL stylesheet guide, a few fo parameter 
references, but cannot find anywhere how to customise the *appearance* of the 
page numbers in headers/footers. It's *not* using the header text format, so 
the headers are looking strange with underlining under everything except the 
page number. And the font size used for the page number is slightly larger 
than the font size in the rest of the header.

What I'm doing is for even pages, having a left-aligned header:
pg# - booktitle

And for odd pages, having a right-aligned header:
chaptertitle - pg#

Have got everything aligned properly, displaying where they ought to, but I 
cannot find a way to format the font and font decoration for the page 

I've tried wrapping the whole thing in a fo block, a fo inline, adding the 
text-decoration stuff to the fo:pagenumber call, without success, and am now 
stumped. It's not using the header.content.properties stuff for pagenumbers 
in the headers, and I cannot find where else to set these for the page 

Any suggestions? Am using the XSL 1.62.4 stylesheets, and fop 0.20.5


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